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    Hey there fellow CD Fielders, I am in no way trying to come off as pushy or bossy or anything but I just think that this forum should be positive and respectful. So I would just like to say that I look forward to talking and chatting with everyone from all over the world but please please please be respectful towards everyone. We are all here for the same reason and have the love for Cover Drive as something that connects us. With saying that we are all still different people and will have differences in opinions which is natural and completely acceptable. Just please remember that you don’t have to agree with everyone just respect their opinion and there are ways to discuss things without being vicious and or attacking them. This forum can be something great if we all just put our best foot forward and just focus on the message of the band. They want us to just be happy and feel something from their music. This is a chance to connect and make friends who share your interests.

    With that said I love you all and I hope to see some great stuff in the forum xx

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