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    I bought xbox one s based on several reviews that compared it to the dedicated blu-rays and mostly reviews said it was better, as an example than samsung k8500. My intention was to watch movies through hdd plugged into a usb port. To my disappointment of 10 blu-rays movies, it only opened 1, the others gave codec error. It has not opened any movie in 4k, even the movies in 1080p with sound in dolby true hd, dts, dts hd and others it also gives codec error.It does not support subtitles.In microsoft store I downloaded the doby access app to get the “atmos” sound, it comes with 3 or 4 small demo videos with the “atmos” sound, they all opened and played the “atmos” sound. But curiously when I went to open the demonstration videos of dolby that I have in hdd, all gave a codec error. And it is not due to the configuration, because I left the xbox sending the sound via streaming and the video in 4k for my denon 6300h and my tv is a lg 4k uj6565.Anyway, it’s a real misunderstanding, since any $ 50 tv box runs any kind of codec and multichannel sound (with kodi). I have a tv box that opened and runs all the movies that xbox does not play.

    Please help.

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