Amor magazine meets Cover Drive!

Amor magazine meets Cover Drive!


Amor Magazine hanged out with Bajan group ‘Cover Drive’ Amanda Reifer (Lead singer), T-Ray Armstrong (Drummer), Barry Hill (Guitar) and Jamar Harding (Bass).  We managed to get the juicy goss on their crushes, memories and their EP! Let’s hear what they had to say!



Why did you decided to call yourselves ‘Cover Drive’?

“One of our dads, the co-manager, made up the name ‘Cover Drive’ because it relates to cricket. Cricket is our national sport – we wanted something that ties in with Barbados.”


How long have you guys known each other?

All: “We’ve known each other forever!”

Amanda: “I used to actually babysit T-Ray when we were kids, he would have been 12 and I would have been 15. He babysits me now! We’ve been friends for ages. Barbados is such a small island, so everyone knows each other. Jamal and T-Ray knew each other for a long time – they are the same age group. Barry and I knew each other when I was 12 maybe, because we had mutual friends. And I met T-Ray when I was 15 and now I’m 22! (laughs).”

Amanda, how do you feel about being the only female in the group?

Amanda: “I love it; it’s not that hard for me because, being the only girl you get loads of special attention! The hardest part is trying to get them to, you know – when girls have our moments… and we just wanna indulge in that moment and our emotions… they’re like ‘Can you jus shut up!? Can you just be normal??’”

Boys: “It’s actually harder for us, in the beginning it was challenging, but we came to know each other properly – we got used to it.”

Amanda: “In the beginning they actually used to do everything that I wanted haha!”


How do you feel about three of your tracks, being in the UK top 10?

“It’s nice to know that our music is being loved and received so much from our fans…. It’s great to see people really enjoying it, especially when it’s not even from their own country. The UK used to be so far away, but I mean now – it’s like these people have embraced us, and that’s a great feeling.”


What has been your inspiration for your upcoming EP?

“Well the past few years have been kinda crazy for us – totally unexpected, totally amazing, and we’ve been through a roller coaster! Loads of ups and downs – but still exciting! We’re kinda getting back to creative mode and changing gears a little bit. So we spent a year unwinding and reflecting…”


Who are your musical influences?

 Jamar Harding – “I’d definitely go for Bob Marley.”

“…As a group, it would be ‘No Doubt’ – They’re definitely our biggest influences and also Black Eyed Peas – love them!”


Do you guys ever get into full-blown arguments?

“It’s kinda like siblings – they are still cool but then they just fight. I don’t think we’ve ever fallen out with one another for more than a day… Usually it would be Amanda arguing with Jamar, T-ray will argue with Amanda, Jamar will argue with Barry. Barry would just stay quiet (laughs).”


Amanda, what is your type of guy?

“I like funny guys, I like people who can make jokes, and guys who don’t take themselves too seriously. That’s really it; I just like funny confident guys!”


Amanda, male celebrity crush?

“It’s going to have to be Chris Hemsworth – in Thor. I love his character, I LOVE manly men.”


What would your advice be for other groups?

“I think the most important thing is to – just love what you do. Don’t get into this business if it’s not what you genuinely want to do. Don’t get in it, if you think it’s going to make you famous, or make you cool. Just make sure you work hard, love your fans and love what you do. Everything we have, was because of our fans and everything we do, is for our fans… Be patient, it might not happen as quickly as you think it might and it may take a little longer than other artists, but just keep working hard and keep at it!”

Their EP “Liming in Limbo” was released on November the 11th – Go check it out guys!


Fashion editor Wardah Sempa with Cover Drive



Founder of Amor magazine Ruby Mae Moore with Cover Drive


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