Birthday Magazine interviews Amanda

Birthday Magazine interviews Amanda


She’s definitely the hottest Bajan export since Rihanna and she’s lead singer of equally as hot band ‘Cover Drive’; but what makes Amanda Reifer tick? Has she ever noticed how hot her band mates are (spoiler alert: she has!)? And most importantly; just how does she maintain that figure? Birthday gets the scoop from the lady herself:

Lovesick Riddim’ is out now – for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, describe what it’s about in a rhyme.

I broke his heart and now we’re apart.

Teenage girls and love sickness tend to go hand in hand; what advice would you give to our girls about getting over a lost love?

I get over my heartbreak by surrounding myself by people who genuinely love and care about me and make me feel good about who I am. Sometimes break ups not only hurt you emotionally but they can also hurt your self esteem if you let it. You need friends who are honest and supportive and who will bring over the chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream and indulge in super cheesy movies. Then you need to learn from it!

Did you suffer from any major heartbreaks as a teen?

Oh yes! I had a boyfriend in my teens that I was super serious about. I used to have this dreamy fairy tale in my head that because I loved him and was completely loyal to him, he would be the same. I learnt a lot from that relationship. Hindsight is definitely 20/20! Because of that, I now know what qualities I want and don’t want in a boyfriend.

‘Limin’ in Limbo’ is the name of your EP- how did you guys come up with it?

‘Limin’ in Limbo’ is that state where you know where you’ve been and you’re not going back, but you don’t quite know where you’re going. The songs were just a creative release during what we call our ‘detox’ state after the past 2 years. We didn’t necessarily make them for radio or for the label. We just wrote. We want to share the music with our fans because we always want them to know what we’re thinking even if it’s not where we are going to end up. Keeping our fans involved in our journey is important to us.

Can you describe to us the EP is three words?

Music For Fans!

You have an amazing bod- How do you maintain it? What’s you’re secret…And don’t say you don’t have one!

Okay you got me! I do have a secret… I work out a lot! A lot of squats and sit ups! I have an absolute love for chocolate and food, so I really have not choice but to workout.

You also have gorgeous hair- How do you achieve those luscious locks? 

I use a deep conditioner once a week.

Did you go through any awkward phases as a teen or have you always been so well groomed?

I definitely had my awkward moments! I was a funny looking kid! I kind of looked like an old lady from birth. My hair was fuzzy and reddish blonde and I had dark circles. In fact, I was called ‘Amanda Panda’ for a long time. It took me a while to learn to be well groomed.

You must get asked this all the time but we have to know- what’s it like being the only girl in such a good looking band?

I do get this question all the time! Most of the time people think I’m dating one, if not all of them and no guys try to talk to me when they’re around which can be frustrating but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I’m not going to lie, one of the guys does catch my eye and I find myself looking at him a little too long recently especially when we do rehearsals and it gets hot and he’s sweaty in a white tee… It’s super awkward for me since I’ve known him forever! Now I’ve said too much but I’ll manage- as long as he never reads this interview!


 (Two band members in white tees…Damn you Amanda!)


Touring with Rihanna must have been crazy! What was it like working with her?

Opening for her is something we’ll never forget! I mean never forget. Our first gig was opening for the biggest star in the world! Wow!

The Caribbean has always been known for churning out some super artists- what is you guys secret?

That is a good question. Something in the sunshine or the Caribbean water? I honestly have no clue but I do know that there is a lot of talent in the Caribbean.

We love carnival over here and love to buss a whine at Notting Hill carnival; are you a girl who stands on the wall or has to shake a leg?

Sweet! I definitely love a good wuk up at fete! Soca music is for dancing!

Would you ever give twerking a go?

I had a private twerking session in my bedroom the other day! However, it’s not something that I would let escape those four walls!

Cover Drive are known for their awesome Youtube covers-who would you most like to see cover some songs off of ‘Limin’ in Limbo’?

Good question. To be honest, we love it when our fans cover our songs!

You found a fan in Barack Obama when he included your song ‘Turn Up The Love’ in his inaugural playlist; on a scale of one to ten how much did you want to faint?

Oh, we did faint. There is no putting that on a scale! I still let out a scream when I think about how many times he might have said our name.

We love you guys over here in the UK- What do you think it is about you guys that the nation has taken to?

We love you guys too! The UK is definitely a second home for us now. Maybe it’s the sunshine and island vibes we put into our music that you guys like. Who doesn’t like to feel like they’re on holiday in Barbados? Whatever it is, we’re happy that it’s been received so well.

So you know what we love about you…what do you love about us over here?

We love the shopping, Nandos, the British sense of humour, the accent and of course our UK fans. They are so incredible!

What can we expect from Cover Drive this time around?

More feel good music!

And finally; do you think Jamar looks better blonde or brunette?


Yep- we agree!

(Yep- we agree!)


Cover Drive’s new song, Lovesick Riddim, is available to download on iTunes now. The band will also be performing in the UK this November and tickets are available through O2 Priority now.

Words by Yomi Adegoke

Twitter: @sittingwitty


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