Cover Drive Discuss New Single

Cover Drive Discuss New Single


Cover Drive are set to return with their latest single Lovesick Riddim; the first track to be lifted from the new EP.

We caught up with Amanda from the band to chat about the new track, the latest EP and a second album.

– You are about to release your new single Lovesick Riddim, so what can fans expect from this track?

Lovesick Riddim is about being lovesick and thinking about that person that you love, and you miss. It’s also about willing to do anything to have them back in your life; that desperate plea to see that person again.

Musically, this track is a lot more musical compared to what we have done before. We have grown as musicians over the last few years, and we really wanted to incorporate that into our new music.

It is definitely more musical than what we have done in the past. It is also a ballad so it is very sweet and heart-wrenching.

– You released the video for the single last month so how have you found the response to the track and the video so far? It does seem to be going down well.

Yeah, it is. We are really excited because it is slightly different to what we have done before; it is still along the same pop lines. It is just slightly more grown up. We are so happy that our fans are loving it and feeling the song.

We actually edited and directed the video ourselves. We were a bit nervous putting it out because it is the first time that we had done anything like that, but the response has been amazing.

Our fans are just they best as they are so supportive. So we are really excited about that.

– Why did you decide to do the video yourselves? And was it something that you enjoyed doing?

It was something that we enjoyed doing; we loved it so much. It was definitely a challenge as it was nothing we had done before, and we had a lot of things to figure out along the way.

We did it because we wanted to see if we could; we wanted to challenge ourselves. We believe in growing and getting strong as artists, and it is great to be in control of your art; including the videos and not just the music. Everything about it is coming from us as artists, and it worked out really well.

– This is the first single to be taken a new EP – so how does this track introduce us to the rest of that record?

The reason that we are putting out an EP before the second album is because we love to keep our fans happy with music. Because we don’t know when the album is going to be finished – we are writing it at the moment – we really wanted our fans to have some music in the meantime.

This single and EP really shows the growth of the band. When we started the band three years ago we were literally these kids in a basement in Barbados. We left that basement and came straight to the UK to start our journey.

We hadn’t experienced very much and so that first album reflects that; it was feel good and care free. Since then we have been living in London, travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new things, and so we have more things to write about.

Lyrically, the content that we have been coming up with has been a bit more mature, in the fact that it is more experienced. And this track is a good example as it does show that growth. You are also going to see that growth on the new album as well.

– You said earlier that this single is unlike anything you have done before, and it is more musical than anything that you have done before. Are we going to see that follow through the rest of the EP? Or are we going to see you mix it up a bit?

You are still going to get the pop vibe as well because that is what we do. But we really are going to incorporate some of that musicality because we just love it.

We are really excited about incorporating that musicality; but not in a way that alienates people. We will definitely incorporate it in a fun and catchy way.

– The members of the band are musicians but have you also brought other musicians in to capture this new sound?

When we were working on the first album, we worked with some pretty incredible musicians, producers and song-writers, and from them, we really did learn a lot and grown as musicians and writers.

There is a lot of light instrumentation incorporated on these tracks – most of it played by the guys in the band. However, for the second album, we are definitely going to be working with some great producers and musicians over the States.

– You write most of the music yourselves, so how does the song-writing process work within the band? Is there one main writer or is it more of a collaborative process?

It is definitely a collaborative process, and all of us have our different strengths. Sometimes it starts with a music idea and then lyrics and melody with come later.

We very much operate off a vibe and an energy and how something feels; whatever feels good we go along with. We always write together, and nothing happens in isolation; if I write something, then the boys will hear it and say ‘I like this part’ or ‘I like that part’.

– You have talked about development already, and it was something that I was going to ask you about. I was wondering how you felt you had developed as both a musician and a songwriter between the debut album and this EP.

It feels great. That is the whole point of what we do as we just want to grow and be the best that we can be. I feel like in any aspect of life, even if you are not a musician, you want to be the best that you can.

It is great to be able to see the difference and to see the growth and apply, which is just awesome. As you get older, even hard things, you go through come good in the end because you can actually apply that, and it makes you a better person, a better writer and a better musician.

It is something that we are definitely really happy about, and we just hope that that growth can continue.

– You have had a whirlwind twelve months after the release of your debut album Bajan Style, so how have you found all the attention that has come your way?

Oh my gosh. We quite literally left a basement in Barbados and came over to the UK, wrote our album and just had this great success – thanks to all of our UK fans.

It was insane but it was one of those things where you are just in it, and you are enjoying it and having so much fun.

It is a rollercoaster and a little overwhelming because it is so unexpected, but it is a great feeling. It is great to be able to do what you love and have other people enjoy it as well.

– You have toured with the likes of Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson in that time so how was that experience? And what were you able to take away from touring with these very successful artists?

The gig where we opened with Rihanna was our first gig ever; we had never played a show before that. It was in front of 25,000 in Barbados. Most band’s first gigs are in front of about ten people (laughs), so we were extremely nervous. Most of us didn’t want to speak for fear of what would come out.

Once we got on stage, we had such a good time, and we just did what we loved and had fun doing it. The audience loved it. After the show Rihanna told how much she loved the show and gave us her support.

After that we knew that this is what we had to do; there was no stopping us. We knew that this is what we had to do for the rest of our lives and there was no stopping us.

Touring with Kelly Clarkson was so much fun; it was so much fun. We got to tour with her across the UK. She was the most down to earth, sweet and talented person that you will ever meet, and we just had so much fun.

We learnt a lot from her as she gave a lot of really great advice. The London show was so much fun; we really do love playing in London.

– How did the band form?

We were friends for a long time – we are all from Barbados. I met T-Ray because I use to baby-sit him; I babysat him and his brother. Barry and I had friends in common and ended up going to college together. Jamar and T-Ray were friends; they are the same age.

It was actually T-Ray’s mum who suggested that we should start the band. We all played music, and we were just knocking around doing it on our own, and she was like ‘why don’t you just come together and do something productive?’ And we were like ‘hey that is a great idea’.

After we decided we were going to form the band we spent every day together; I think we missed just one day at Christmas. We started putting out covers on YouTube, and that literally started the process of writing the album and getting into the industry.

– Finally, what’s coming up for you going through the rest of this year?

We are going to release Lovesick Riddim on 23rd September, and the EP will follow. We are going to continue working on our second album. We are going to be back in the UK in October; we are excited to see our UK fans as it has been a while.

Cover Drive – Lovesick Riddim is released 23rd September.


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