COVER DRIVE Uncovered: From Disney Songs to PEP’s

COVER DRIVE Uncovered: From Disney Songs to PEP’s

COVER DRIVE explodes onto the CAMPLIFIED scene this year, opening the tour with their infused Caribpop style, or in their own words, “Rocker meets Skater meets Dancer meets Surfer= CoverDrive” Their members are Amanda Reifer; Barry “bar-man” Hill; Jamar “toast” Harding; and, T-ray “farmer” Armstrong.

Cover Drive’s debut album ‘Bajan Style’ is OUT NOW! Follow us on Twitter @wearecoverdrive. Watch the ‘Explode’ video featuring Dappy here: and purchase the single on iTunes here:


Did you or any of the band members go to summer camp? If so, which ones?
Only one of us went to summer camp! For the rest of us, this tour was our first time. T-Ray (our drummer) went to Power Chord Academy in 2009 and LOVED it. It was a music camp so he got to do what he loved all day everyday!

What did the others think of the whole experience of summer camps?
For the rest of us who didn’t go to summer camp, we totally wish we did now!! We loved visiting the camps and most of the time we didn’t want to leave. Amanda loved spending time with the girls and getting her nails painted by the different cabins and we had a blast doing the different activities with everyone. We completely felt like part of the family at the end of each day. We’re campers at heart for the rest of our lives now!


Favorite hit song playing on the radio today?Our favorite song on the radio right now is“Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Those guys are awesome!

Favorite classic oldie?
Our favorite classic oldie would definitely have to be Bob Marley, “Stir It Up”.

If you could work with any artist who would it be?
 We would LOVE to work with No Doubt! Although we don’t know how much work we’d really get done since we are their biggest fans. They are our favorite band and biggest inspiration.

What was most memorable show you ever did? Why?
Our very first gig was definitely the most memorable. We opened for Rihanna in Barbados in front of 25000 people! It was the most exciting, nerve wrecking, exhilarating experience. We couldn’t figure out what was blowing our minds the most; the fact that we were opening for the biggest star in the world or that there were 25000 people in the crowd. There is no way we could ever forget that night. It was incredible!


What’s one thing you always need on the road?
We each have one thing we can’t do without on tour. For T-Ray it’s his neck pillow (he’s such an old man!), for Barry it’s Oreos (you wouldn’t believe he’s the oldest!), for Jamar it’s access to the Internet (he’s obsessed with YouTube) and for Amanda it’s her invisible crown ( so the boys never forget that she’s the princess!) lol!

5 albums you think everyone should have?
Here is the Cover Drive list or must have albums:
1. Cover Drive – Bajan Style 
2. No Doubt – Rocksteady 
3. Black Eyes peas – Elephunk
4. Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
5. Michael Jackson – Bad 

When did you know music was more than a hobby?
For Amanda and T-Ray it was from the time they could talk! For Barry it was when he turned 15 and started producing and for Jamar it was when we formed the band in 2010!


What is your songwriting process?
We don’t have a set process. There are so many ways a song can come about. It’s all about the vibe. Sometimes we start with the music and then melody and lyrics follow, or sometimes it’s the other way around where we have lyrics and melody idea and then we add music after. Most importantly it’s always a collaborative process and a good vibe!

If you weren’t so busy on tour, what movies would you be wanting to check out in theatres right now
We’re busy on tour… but we still find time for the movies!! Amanda is obsessed with the movies and she makes sure that we go to see one whenever we have a day off. So far we’ve seen World War ZSuperman, and tomorrow we’re going to see Pacific Rim!

If you could remake any album, which would you choose?
None! All of the albums we love are perfect the way they are. Every album has its own unique value.

If you weren’t a musician what would it be?
Music is in our blood! It’s what we were born to do. We can’t even think about what else we would be doing!


What is your band’s guilty pleasure on the road?
Our guilty pleasure on the road is Food!! We are always stuffing our faces in the van. The weirdest album we listen to in the van is a collection of Disney songs… Blame it on the only girl in the band!

Have any pre-show rituals?

Yes we do! We say a prayer before every gig and get into the zone by playing some music, jumping around and well, Jamar… He takes a PEP (performance enhancing poop).

Any celebrity crushes?
We definitely have a long list of celebrity crushes. T-Ray loves Iggy Azalea, Barry dreams of Kim Kardashian, Jamar has a crush on Mila Kunis and Amanda freaks out over Chris Hemsworth (Thor)!

Who in the band is most likely to:

Sneak a cell phone into camp?
Barry (our guitarist), he can’t live without technology!

Proudly wear a nasty, frayed friendship bracelet he made all year round?

That would be Jamar (our bassist)… He’d call it vintage!

Sing the loudest at Campfire?

Amanda (lead singer)! She loves the spotlight!

Choreograph and Lead his entire bunk in a “Michael Jackson” airband (lip synch/dance performance)?

Haha that would be T-Ray (our drummer). He is the comedian of the band!

Break out in a Lady Gaga inspired outfit for costume ball?

Barry would definitely do that! We don’t call him the “Awkward BARMAN”   for no reason!

Add anything to their peanut butter and Jelly sandwich? (Chips, hotdogs…adventurous with food):

Jamar again! He will eat anything!

Get homesick at lights out?:

None of us! We love camp too much!

Completely forget to write any letters home?:

Amanda would do that. She is super forgetful and she never gets homesick! She loves being on the road.

Find a different  “love of his/her life” every year at camp?

That’s Amanda! She is the romantic one. She loves love and we’re pretty sure she thinks she is Ariel from the little mermaid! Lol


Thank you so much COVER DRIVE!


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