CRAVEON Entertainment chat with Amanda

CRAVEON Entertainment chat with Amanda


Cover Drive are back with brand new music and we couldn’t be more excited! Craveon Entertainment called CD front woman Amanda Reife up for a chat in Barbados to find out all about it.

Amanda! Hello! How are you doing there in Barbados?
I’m great thanks! Barbados is awesome! It’s raining though, what’s the weather like in the UK?

Oh, it’s horrible! You’re not missing much.
Yeah! I can’t believe it, it was raining so hard the past few days, but last week and every other week before that was so hot. We are sending all of our sunshine over to you!

That would be amazing if you could! So, what have you been upto? It has been a while since we last saw you.
Yes, it has been a while! We’ve been busy writing our second album and working on the release of the EP. It was great to be back in the studio and writing songs.

You’ve got the first single Love Sick Riddim out 23rd September too, haven’t you!
Yes, it’s one of the first singles off of our EP. We wanted to release an EP just before the album because we weren’t sure exactly when the album’s going to be out as we’re still working on it and we really wanted to a chance to have new music, so this is the first single off of the EP before the album.

When can we expect the EP then?

You tease! Tell us about single ‘Love Sick Riddim’ then!
Well this song, we had actually started writing when we were writing for the album and it was one of the songs that we took from the process. The song is about losing the person you love and it makes you physically sick sometimes because you just miss them so badly. It’s the worst kind of break-up, you have the heartbreak, but you always have the guilt because you know you’ve done something wrong and I really wanted to write about that and also write about it from a girl’s perspective.

So what do you do personally to try and get over a break up, are you the kind of person who reaches for the ice cream?

I totally am the person reaching for the ice cream! In fact, it’s not ice cream with me, it’s chocolate chip cookies! Chocolate chip cookies and sappy movies like PS I Love You and The Notebook. You torture yourself out of it almost!

Sounds good, though sometimes those movies can make you feel worse!
Yeah, they do actually, but for some reason it’s almost like a torture that you want to watch these movies about love stories.


What else can we expect from your new music?
You can definitely expect a growth in our music. We wrote our first album three years ago so we’ve grown a lot since then, met a lot of people and experienced so much more. Our first album we literally wrote after we left the island, we hadn’t experienced very much and the album was like that kind of carefree, fun, feel good energy which we had, you know – we still have, but in terms of experiences, that was ours and we wrote about that. We’re really excited about it and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

What has been a highlight for you as a group?
Oh, this is an easy question! A highlight for us was definitely when ‘Twilight’ went to number 1. We were so happy, so shocked about it, and we thank all of our fans who bought that record. Also, a highlight was opening for Rihanna and also touring with Kelly Clarkson – that was one of our favourites!

On Twitter you recently tweeted “There are some things that you just can’t keep to yourself #Explode”. What are you like at keeping secrets?
I’m good at keeping OTHER peoples secrets, buy my own, when I have something that I need to talk about, I just HAVE to talk about it! I’m really bad at that!

It’s Friday the 13th (on the day of our interview) – do you consider yourself to be supersticious?
I’m not really superstitious, but the guys keeps talking about all of this ominous stuff and it’s starting to freak me out a little bit.

Cover Drive are well known for their YouTube covers. What songs are you loving at the moment?
I’m definitely in love with Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive – I LOVE that song! I also really love MaccleMore and ‘Can’t Hold Us’ and Thriftstore, we do that cover a lot in our setlist and it’s so much fun. Those are the two major ones, I love the whole Imagine Dragons album actually!

So can we expect you to upload some more covers on YouTube soon?

Yes, you totally can!

In the video for Lovesick Riddim, you’re looking particularly great. What’s your top tip for looking and feeling good?
My number 1 tip that everyone needs to know is be confident! When you’re confident at anything you do, EVERYTHING you do, that’s the sexiest and most beautiful trait that anyone could have. That’s all you really need to know.

You recently finished your first US tour. How was it?
It was incredible! We had so much fun and we saw so many UK fans there, so even though no-one had really heard of us in the US, we always had people singing along the lyrics of Twilight.

Cover-Drive (1)

How have the US fans been?
They’ve been great. I also think because we’re a new thing for them because they don’t know about us, it’s really exciting. They are so much fun, have so much energy and are really passionate.

Will we catch you Twerking on stage?
Oh my gosh, you know what? Apparently twerking is really hard. I don’t think I’m much of a twerker, twerking isn’t necessarily my thing! I try but, it’s disasterous when I try it, you don’t want to see me do it!

When can we expect
 you back in the UK?
We’re going to be in the UK in October for a few weeks. We’re really excited about coming back as we haven’t been in a while and the UK is our second home. We can’t wait to see everyone, see our fans and go to Nandos, of course! *Laughs*

Have you managed to get a Nandos Black Card yet and how do you like your chicken?
Yeah, we do actually! We have 2 now, can you believe it!? That’s one of our most treasured accomplishments the Black Card. We’re obsessed with Nandos so when we actually got that Black Card, it was almost like getting a number 1! *Laughs* I want to say I like it HOT, but add a little BBQ in and it tastes SO good.

So you’re over in October – Halloween! What will you be dressing up as this year?
We were just talking about that! I don’t want to give it away, I can give you some clues…


It’s purple!

Purple… are you going to be Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass?
*Gasp* How did you know this? Now I have to change it! I can’t believe you guessed it so easily.

Lastly, When was the last time that you said OMG, and what was it about?
We went triple platinum in Australia, that was definitately an OMG moment. We all freaked out about that!

Thanks Amanda! Wishing you and the other Cover Drive guys all the best. Cover Drive will be play a 3-date UK tour this November. Tickets are available to buy from and dates are as follows:

3rd November – O2 Academy2 Islington, London
4th November – Manchester Sound Control 2
5th November – O2 Academy3 Birmingham

Take a look below to watch the video for Cover Drive’s new single, ‘Love Sick Riddim’ which is out now:


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