Interview: Brenda J has a catch up with Bajan group Cover Drive!

Interview: Brenda J has a catch up with Bajan group Cover Drive!

I got the chance to have a little sit down with such a down to earth group of band members who go by the name of Cover Drive! After achieving 3 UK top 10 singles, one of which rocketed to #1 along with a top 20 album, they’ve returned to the UK, touring all over and reconnecting with their fans whilst promoting their brand new EP ‘Liming in Limbo’.


BJ: Hi Guys! How you doing?

CD: Good, how you doing?

BJ: I’m good thank you! Glad to be here!

CD: Happy to be out the cold and in our warm apartment? We usually put it up to 27 degrees because that’s what we’re used to in Barbados!


BJ: So now that you’re back in the UK, how’s it going?

CD: It’s been going good, we just got off of our first headline tour which was AMAZING! Wooo! Yeah..awesome! And obviously because we’ve been here a lot, we’ve missed being here, it was like our second home for a long time, so its good to be back and good to see our fans, do some shows and reconnect!

BJ: Yeah, I was going to say that because the last time you were here you had some really good appearances like press for example, you were doing loads of performances, you had 3 UK top singles, what does it feel like to be back at your second home with all your fans?

CD: It feels great, honestly.. we did our first headline tour in the UK just a few days ago. It was the BEST experience and our fans are so amazing, they’re crazy, they’re loud, they’re fun, they’re passionate and we just had a great time with them on stage. And because it was our show, we really got to connect with them and talk with them, get to know them because that’s what we chose to be so it’s really like a big hang out so it was amazing!

BJ: Good! So it doesn’t really feel like you’re away from home too much?

CD: No, no.. not at all! We don’t miss home yet, we love it here!

BJ: That’s really good! So apart from the tour, what have you lot been getting up to?

CD: Apart from the tour? ..well that’s been consuming most of our time – shooting each other with Nurf guns! I don’t know if you can still see the red mark on my face but it hurt! ..So basically, when we see our fans, we have like the best fans in the world, when we see them they always bring us gifts and one fan brought us Nurf guns as gifts’cause we play with them all the time and literally they have been shooting each other for the past three days!

Amanda: I’ve had to adapt to living with the guys, so I’m a bit of a Tomboy now.

BJ: What’s it like living with the guys since you’re the only girl?

Amanda: Yeah sometimes it hard because like when the majority rules, boys over girl, or if I want to have some girl time or like girl talk.. if I try to have that with them, they’ll just be like alright stop with the feelings! But other than that, I really love these guys, these guys are my BEST FRIENDS, they’re just so funny, they know how to make me laugh and I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love being the only girl in the band!


BJ: So do you guys tend to stick together when you’re here or all kind of do your own thing?

CD: I lose myself in TOPSHOP! It’s so big but I love it! I will literally just go crazy in there like what’s this or what’s that

BJ: That’s like the worst thing! Especially when you’re from Barbados, you can get lost!

CD: Getting lost here is like getting lost in 5 million Barbados’ but you know Google Maps! Google Maps! [Laughs]

BJ: But will you definitely come back?

CD: Yeah!! We love the UK, we KNOW the streets! Kensington, Oxford Street, Covent Garden.. And we know how to get through each Westfields like BOSSES!

BJ: you got them on lock yeah?! [Laughs]

CD: Yup!!

BJ: So obviously you’re here to promote the new EP a little more, you’ve worked with Dappy before and now you’ve said you want to work with Ed Sheeran? Can we expect any suprise collabs on there?

CD: Yeah that would be amazing, we’re big fans! He’s so incredible, we love his music and we’ve met him a few times and he is THE MOST down to earth, kindest person.. we love when we can find people who we have a genuine connection with and we’re sure we’d make some good music together.

BJ: Who else do you have your eye on?

CD: Jessie J! She’s awesome, she’s so talented.. and James Aurther!

BJ: So can we expect any collaborations?

CD: What we like to do is have the music down first and set then think about any future collaborations afterwards!

BJ: Sooo just to get to know you a bit better, three guys and one girl! Who takes the longest to get ready?

CD: (Points to Jamar )

BJ: OMG look at how they’ve all pointed at you!

CD: Yeah, he’s the other girl! It’s the hair, getting the hair right!

BJ: Who’s the most responsible?

CD: T Rae! And he’s the youngest in the band but he’s the most responsible one

BJ: Who eats the most food on a daily basis?

CD: We all eat a lot but Jamar eats like the foods gonna run away, guards it with his life! But Amanda’s definitely the greediest!

BJ: Haha! Just like me so it’s fine girl! So what’s your favourite meal then?

Amanda: PANCAKES! I’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could..

BJ: YES!! Okay so if you were stranded on a desert island for 3 days and you could only take ONE thing.. what would it be?

Amanda: I’d take T-Ray!

Bar Man: I’d carry my guitar!

Amanda: Could the band count as one thing? ..yeah!

BJ: Okay so what happens from here once you leave the UK? ..are you flying back to Barbados or touring some more?

CD: Yeah! We’ll be doing uni gigs which are always fun! And so more press and just meeting and reconnecting with our fans.. and heading into Topshop!

BJ: And finally, describe Cover Drive in three words..

CD:Guys what should we call ourselves? ..four bajan friends!

BJ: Aww, I love that! Thank you guys, thank you  so much for having me!

CD: Thank you for being here today!

‘Liming in Limbo’ will be released 11th November


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