INTERVIEW: Cover Drive – “We want a world tour”

INTERVIEW: Cover Drive – “We want a world tour”

After reaching the UK Top 10 Singles and Top 20 Album Charts, quirky Bajan band Cover Drive are excited to be touring UK on their first ever headline tour. As they return to the UK with their new EP ‘Liming in Limbo’,  Amanda, T-Ray, Jamar and Barry tell me all about feet phobias, Nando’s and nipple rubbing…

Interviewing Cover Drive at their Birmingham concert!

Interviewing Cover Drive at their Birmingham concert!


This is your first UK headline tour. How are you finding it?

T-Ray: It’s good man. Awesome!

Amanda: It’s so much fun. It’s great to actually do a show where it’s all our CD Fielders and we started off in London and that was just insane! They knew all the words to our songs and they were singing and dancing. It was like a big party.

Describe your EP in a few words.

A: Music for fans.

T: Perfect.

Jamar: (laughing) I wasn’t thinking of that.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

T: Hopefully, I would have grown some facial hair by then, hopefully, you know, I’ll be 25.

A: I really wanna be doing what we’re doing now, just all around the world, on a large scale…We want our music to reach more people… A world tour.

J: “A headline tour again but on Earth..”

A: “We really wanna go to Japan…Really badly.”

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

T: (singing “You’re nobody ‘till somebody loves you”) “That James Arthur Track.”

A: “Yeah, love that song.”

J: “Mine’s ‘Fallin’ by HAIM’.”

If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? 

T: “Wow.”

B and J: “Bob Marley.”

A: “Bob Marley is a staple but I love No Doubt – I could listen to No Doubt all day everyday.”

T: “I think for me it would be Sting.”

A: “Aah… Sting’s awesome.”

What’s your favourite programme or movie?

A: “We’re like TV Heads, we have a lot of favourite programmes so I’ll start. I love Revenge, Orange Is The New Black…”

T: “Channels not TV shows. She said channel.”

J: “No, she said shows too.”

T: “Booyah!”

A: “Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Scandal. Scandal’s great.”

T: “Oh Amanda, are you also a fan of talking really loudly when you’re supposed to be on vocal rest?”

A: “And I also love a show called Nashville…”

T: “We all love Breaking Bad.”

Does anyone watch Suits?

T: Suits is good. We watched the first three episodes, it’s awesome.

B: There’s a new show called The Blacklist. It’s amazing.

We all know you enjoy Nando’s. So what do you order when you visit?

J: “10 wings, hot, with peri fries and perinaise.”

A: “I get butterfly chicken breast, peritamer, with peri fries and corn.”

T: “I order the restaurant… Pretty much.”

B: “10 wings, peritamer, and peri fries.”

What’s your biggest fear?

T: “My biggest fear would be… I’d be in a dark room trapped with a giant alien spider… My three biggest fears in one. ”

A: “Wow, an alien spider?!”

B: “Erm… Not my biggest fear but the one I currently think about a lot recently is falling off stage.”

J: “I’d say waking up with someone’s really disgusting foot near my mouth. I’m afraid of ugly feet right, so someone’s stinky feet.

T: “How about my foot, Jamar?”

B: “Urgh.”

A: “My biggest fear is to wake up one day and not be able to do this anymore. That’s really scary to me.”

What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you with a fan?

T: “Oh! I have one. We did a gig recently in Middlesbrough so…”


T: “We did a gig in Middlesbrough and it was a good gig. We came off stage to see our fans and everything… You know most of our fans are younger than us.”

A: “So these two women, they’re older you know – in their thirties – not really old just older than we’re used to. So they came up to me and said (in a British accent) “Are any of the guys single?” and I said “Why don’t you ask them?” so they go over to them…”

T: “So one comes me and asked me if you could ‘conjust’ and I said: “What does canjust mean?” and before I could ask her what it meant, she started rubbing my nipples. And then she asked if she could eat me and lick my face. A little more forward than I’m used to.”

What do you think about when you’re onstage performing? 

A: “We think about having fun. Whatever problems you’re worried about kind of goes away on stage. You’re in the moment, having fun, interacting with the fans and getting to know them and just having a party.”

How do you overcome your nerves?

A: “We still get nervous before gigs.”

T: “Definitely.”

A: “We always get nervous right before we go on stage. We learnt how to take those nerves and change it into positive energy. You think of it as preparing you to do something big. We pray, we do knocks and handshakes and jump up and down and get hyped.”





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