‘Lovesick Riddim’ featured on MAX!MUM POP!

‘Lovesick Riddim’ featured on MAX!MUM POP!


Welcome to another Download Or Ditch, where you take on the role of Louis Walsh and judge a new pop song and let us know whether it deserves a place on MP!’s mp3. Do a good job and you might just be his replacement on the X Factor panel next year.

Do you remember Cover Drive? We were quite emotional when they left our airwaves and left us in a state of eternal ‘Twilight’. Now the pop foursome are back with a brand spanking new tune and we want YOUR verdict on the track.

The Bajan group have returned with a song called ‘Lovesick Riddim’. This has taught us two things about the band- They aren’t very good at spelling and they are quite good at infusing reggae and pop. As you can probably guess by the title, it’s a break up song but it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s got quite a funky upbeat… erm… beat and Amanda (that’s the girl in the band) sounds pretty darn good on the track.

So, what’s your verdict on Cover Drive’s comeback? Were you lovesick without them or are you a bit sickened that they are back? Vote below in our Download Or Ditch poll and help us decide whether Cover Drive deserved to be turned up or turned down! Voting is now closed.

Result: Cover Drive are back and you are certainly happy to see them (setting you off like sparks). They won this Download or Ditch with 88.61% of you digging their new riddim.

(Source: www.maximumpop.co.uk)

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