REVIEW: Cover Drive (@WeAreCoverDrive) At 02 Academy Islington

REVIEW: Cover Drive (@WeAreCoverDrive) At 02 Academy Islington


We at were recently granted access to the four-piece Bajan bandCover Drive headlining their first ever UK Tour! Check out what we thought of Cover Drive‘s performance right here! Let’s do it Bajan style!

Sunday 3rd saw the ever excitable Cover Drive headline their first tour in the UK at London’s very own 02 Academy Islington.

The CD Fielders (or fans to you and I) were in full force on what began as a dreary and wet Sunday evening. Regardless, the weather did not hold them back as the young and the impressively much older,  adorned in T-Shirts and Cover Drive signs almost had the venue at full capacity.

However, easing into the madness were supporting artists PaightonDJ Ironik and  Jade Ellis! If your having any difficulty remembering Ms Ellisthen get to know and  think back to the very talented Cassie-esque hair donnedX Factor contestant from the last series!

With Cover Drive entering the stage to a room full of ecstatic fans, they pulled from infectious hits such as the head-boppingly friendly I Know You Too WellExplode and Twilight.

Amanda Reifer (the beautiful lead vocalist) had heads turning as soon as the band hit the stage, dressed only in a very shiny gold catsuit! Think more shimmer though and less kinky leather!


To the gleeful shock of he audience the band through in a few surprises with covers of record smashes like Bruno Mars‘ Heaven and Macklemore‘sCan’t Hold Us. The latter of which had drummer/backing vocalist T-Raythrowing in a rap – Bajan style of course – moving effortlessly into Thrift Shopbefore returning with some more tropical bars! Halfway through the show we were greeted with a special mashup that featured Ke$ha‘s Crazy Kids andWill.I.Am and Britney‘s Scream & Shout. Of course that ‘b word’ was left out and replaced with


Before we knew it the show was coming to an end, but not before Amanda had keyboardist/guitarist Jamar take his t-shirt off for all of his adorning female fans and began what is known in Barbados as the ‘Wuk Up’. For all of you in the dark of what the ‘Wuk Up’ is, just think of a more Caribbean twist on a musically-inclined sexual grind! One by one all the male band mates showed how it was done but not before they made sure promptee Amanda got down and dirty too!


In all, Cover Drive‘s headline in performance at 02 Academy Islington was a long-awaited affair for their fans. However, they were definitely entertained as band mates AmandaBarry ‘Bar Man’ HillT-Ray and Jamar gave an excellent show… and did it Bajan style!


Rakeem [@RakeemOfficial]


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