‘She Likes To Have Fun’: Cover Drive Deny Rihanna’s Partying Is Out Of Control

‘She Likes To Have Fun’: Cover Drive Deny Rihanna’s Partying Is Out Of Control

The band reveal what it was like to tour with Rihanna

Cover Drive have witnessed first hand what it’s like to tour with Rihanna but despite claims that the ‘Diamonds’ songstress has taken her party lifestyle too far, the band say the singer merely likes to have fun.

The ‘Twilight’ singers joined Rihanna on her ‘Loud’ tour in 2011 and were fortunate enough to see first hand exactly what the controversial star is like behind closed doors, but member Amanda Reifer denies that the Bajan singer is out of control.

Speaking to EntertainmentWise Amanda said: “I think if she cancels a show she has good reason, I don’t think any one would want to cancel a show. No one wants to cancel their shows and let down their fans so it must have been very hard for her to do that.”


Rihanna is currently in the UK to promote her new River Island clothing line (WENN.com)

Rihanna is known for being a party animal but Amanda says that she is just “living her life” and that “she likes to have fun and she does what she does, you can’t really fault someone for living their life.”

RiRi’s fellow Bajan beauty Amanda has also spoken about their nervousness of taking on the support slot.

“Opening for her was our first gig, it was in Barbados in front of 25,000 people who came to see her and it was her first gig in Barbados too on that tour,” Amanda explained.

“All of us had never played a gig as a band before, we were back stage shaking, we didn’t know what was going to happen. But as soon as we got on stage we had the time of our lives,” she continued.

Despite their nerves, Cover Drive clearly pulled it off because they apparently received praise from RiRi herself.

“It was so much fun and Rihanna told us after the show she enjoyed it and she loved what we did so it was definitely a great experience and something we’ll never forget.”

Amanda has also revealed that the band would like to work with ‘Lego House’ crooner Ed Sheeran, telling us: “We love his music and we love him. We’ve met him a few times and he’s just the nicest guy and we love what he does so we’d love to work with him.”


Cover Drives second album is expected to be released this year (Thomas Faehnrich/WENN.com)

The Cover Drive songstress also gave her opinion on Miley Cyrus’ infamous VMAs performance and showed support for her choices:

“I think she’s definitely trying something new. She definitely has fun on stage and I think she’s having fun and trying something new and you can really fault some one for that.

“She’ll figure out exactly what it is, if she found herself there then I think she should continue to do whatever feels good to her like anyone should. If it’s true to her then she should continue to do it.”

Cover Drive’s latest single ‘Lovesick Riddim’ was revealed in August and their new album is expected to be released later this year.

(Source: www.entertainmentwise.com)

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